Sit Up – Progressions

7 Proven Tips to Improve Your Life Instantly

You can make use of three compound exercises like deadlifts, pull-ups, and barbell military press by performing five to eight repetitions of each one. Have minimal rests as you move in between these exercises and repeat the cycle in fifteen minutes.

5 Best Ways To Create A Perfect Gym At Home

Many guys want to start working out and want to do it at home. This article provides very helpful tips to properly set up a home gym.

3 Tips for Getting Fit for Rugby

Rugby which is also known by the name Rugger, is a form of football which uses an oval ball instead of a round ball and is played between teams forming either a League(13 players) or a Union(15 players). Rugby as a sport has been around for quite some time since 1823 and appears to have been invented by William Webb Ellis at the Rugby school.

Top Tips To Enjoy Your Running

1. Have a goal and have a plan to reach your goal. If you don’t reach your goal at least you can look at what you have done and see which things you did right and what might not have been so good.

Three Muscle Building Exercises for the Legs

Learn three great exercises to develop strength and power in the legs. These three exercises will deliver the leg workout you’ve always wanted.

Three Effective Chest Exercises

Learn three effective weight training exercises for the chest muscles. These three exercises will help make your chest muscles big and strong.

The Perfect Boot Camp Workout

Have you ever wondered what the best boot camp workout is? This article describes from beginning to end the perfect boot camp style workout.

Why Swiss Balls Are Great Fitness Tools

Learn how to effectively size and use a Swiss Ball in the gym. Also discover the benefits of adding Swiss Ball exercises to your workout.

Fitness and Fat Loss For The Busy Executive

The basic workout tips used to get my executive clients into shape fast. How and why I use certain workouts with my clients.

New Year New You – Get Ahead Of The Game And Make New Years Resolutions Now

We’ve all been there – the crash diet before the Christmas party season begins, then the long round of social events which seem to start earlier than ever before. Once we’ve got through the work events, the neighbourhood drinks, the book club celebration (with, of course, mince pies and mulled wine), let alone the marathon which is the modern Christmas itself, with its family commitments and the brief lull before the final fling on New Year’s Eve, it’s a wonder any of us are still upright, let alone healthy.

Country Clubs: Stick To Your Goals

Are many of you stumped by the challenges of daily life? Does sticking to a fitness regime always slip to the bottom of your (seemingly endless) to-do list? If so, joining a country club may just be the answer to your fitness woes.

Creating Optimum Health Through Regular Exercise

For those individuals who are constantly sick and forced to make that dreaded visit to your doctor in what seems like a regular basis, optimum health could come in the form or regular exercise and a change in eating habits. It may be vital to take a sort of survey on your health.

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