Slow-Motion Kettlebell Swing and Snatch

Demonstrated by Chief SFG Instructor Brett Jones, for visual contribution to this article:

4 Bodyweight Exercises That Burn Body Fat

Bodyweight exercises can burn over 500 calories per hour, work your muscles and improve your muscle mass. You can do them at any time, anyplace, irrespective of whether you have a few minutes or an hour to spare.

Exercises and Workouts – Three Workout Hacks To Help You Improve Your Mind-Muscle Connection

As you go about your workout program, one thing of utmost importance is your need to ensure you are always focusing on the mind-muscle connection. Focusing on the mind-muscle connection means how well you can feel the targeted muscle contracting every step of the way. The minute you simply start just going through the range of motions is the minute you will fail to see the results you are seeking. It must be said, getting the mind-muscle connection is easier said than done. Let’s look a three workout hacks that will help you improve it…

Exercises and Workouts – How To Successfully Ease Into Strength Training

If you have been doing your research on what works and what doesn’t work in the fitness industry, there is a good chance you’ve heard about one of the absolute best forms of exercise. The best form of exercise is following a strength training program. Few varieties of exercise will offer the benefits of strength training, so if you aren’t currently doing it, you’re missing out. This said strength training is also one of the most intimidating exercises for many people. Not to despair, let’s go over a few of the main steps to take to help you ease into it successfully…

Why Walking Is The Most Fun Exercise

This article will discuss why walking is the most fun exercise. It will touch upon reasons such as being able to walk with anyone, listening to music or the radio, and being able to enjoy the scenery.

Exercises and Workouts – Performance Boosting Supplements To Help You Work Harder and Smarter

If you want to step up your game as far as your workouts are concerned, there are a few different supplements to help get you there. Always remember supplements will never do the work for you but, rather, help you work harder and train smarter. This then results in increased muscle gain and strength progress you are looking for. Let’s look at some of the best performance boosters around so you know which ones may help you see the success you’re after…

How To Keep Your Exercise Habit: What Is The McFit Formula?

Fitness success is possible for everyone and success comes when you discover what works for you – and what doesn’t. But some choices avoid pitfalls that lead to a common condition – quitting. Practicing moderation, working out consistently over time, workout frequency, workout intensity, and length of time spent per workout are factors – choices – that will make you fit or make you quit.

Core Training Tips For Top Sports Performance

Keeping a strong core is extremely important for all sports. Not only does this muscle group protect you from injury but is also the secret for unlocking incredible potential in any athlete. If you can significantly increase the strength of your core, you will improve your performance in any sport. The fact is there are a few simple secrets to getting not only a fit stomach but the epi-center of explosive power from here out. If you train properly, your core will not only unlock new performance, but will providing iron injury protection for your spine. Keep reading this article for some great tips about how to get the most out of your core training to start seeing benefits immediately.

Top 4 Experts’ Facts About Fitness

Do you want to enjoy your favorite snacks without worrying about extra pounds? What about being always at alert in your workplace? Do you want to perform at your peak when you are with your spouse? Obviously, everyone will answer ‘yes’ to these questions.

Top 6 Benefits of Group Exercise Fitness Program

Group exercise fitness programs have evolved over the years, from zumba workout to circuit training, step aerobics, and boot camp. However, one thing has remained unchanged, and that is the tons of benefits that come with exercising in group.

Best Exercise for a Healthy Heart

Your heart becomes healthier and stronger if you exercise always and lead an active lifestyle. You can even start right away if you have not been exercising, it is never too late.

Does Exercise Enhance Mental Health?

It’s hardly news that exercise and fitness deliver health benefit. However, it may not be general knowledge that exercise also impacts mental health positively. The best part is that you can get all the values that fitness offers no matter how you choose to exercise.

Exercises and Workouts – Four Ways To Combat The Early Morning Blues and Make Your Morning Workout!

Aiming to wake up for early morning workout sessions but find you just don’t have the steam to get yourself out of your warm, cozy bed? If so, you aren’t alone. For many people, this is the problem that plays out. You want to get your workout in but as soon as you hear your alarm go off, the automatic reaction is to lean over and simply push down on the snooze button – three or four times! Fortunately, it doesn’t have to pan out like this. Here are some quick and easy ways to combat the early morning blues so you can achieve fitness success by staying more consistent. When you do a workout session in the morning your metabolism is actually raised post exercise for up to 12 hours…

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