Step Reverse Lunge (exercise demo)

Weight Training Without Stepping Foot In A Gym

Gyms are great but not necessary. You can build a great deal of muscle with very limited space and equipment and without ever having to step foot in a gym.

Evaluating Your Current Fitness Level Through Heart Rate Monitoring

What is your current fitness level? Are you in shape or out of shape? Let your heart answer that question.

Nutritional Diet Supplements: Keeping Adolescents Healthy

The modern adolescent is more overweight and obese now than at anytime before. According to the American Obesity Association about 30.4% of teenagers are overweight and 15.5% are obese. Recent figures published in both Canada and the UK show a similar situation in those countries. The reasons for this are numerous but the situation is caused by the lifestyle most people choose.

Heart Healthy Running: Recent Study Advocates Moderate Running 3 to 5 Days a Week

A study titled ‘Running and All-cause Mortality Risk – Is More Better’ presented by Duck-chul Lee, Carl J. Lavie and others at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine on 2nd June 2012 states that those who run 15 miles (24 K) a week, have a lesser risk of mortality than those running more.

How To Spike Your Workouts

Do you feel like exercising is getting in the way of your pool time this summer? Gain it back and burn more calories by using the HIIT methods.

How to Put Yourself at the Top of the Time Schedule

Amongst work and home, there are so many different tasks we must accomplish each day that it can be difficult to make room for it all. Time isn’t always on our side, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work to put it in our corner. These opportunities come by practicing the techniques of time management, so you can find yourself at the top of your own schedule.

Why Should You Invest in a Pedometer?

If you are training on your own then a Pedometer could be a good add to your arsenal of helpful gadgets. Whether you are trying to stay healthy, trying to get fit or looking to loose some weight one of these devices could become your new best friend.

Benefits Of Strength Training For Seniors

New research finds that elderly women who are experiencing the beginnings of memory decline may prevent or delay dementia by doing some regular strength training. One of the benefits of strength training for seniors appears to be the boosting of mental functioning in those who had some memory loss, while aerobics-based exercises didn’t give the same benefits to the brain.

5 Exercises to Burn Fat

Walking around with an unsightly bulging belly is no person’s wish. Exercise is the answer to a six pack. If adhered to, fat burning exercises can transform shapeless bodies to lean and healthy bodies. The recommended fat burning exercises are the aerobic exercises that work on major body muscles. MEN FAT BURNING EXERCISES

How to Increase Your Fitness – Great Exercises That Boost Your Fitness Levels

Discover different ways of exercising that will help you improve your fitness. This article looks at the ways that you can increase your fitness. No matter what your age or ability, there is an activity you can be a part of.

Using Exercise Balls for Medical Treatment

The exercise ball, which is also known as the Swiss Ball, is quite a new addition to the gym. You will gain many benefits from exercising with the Swiss Ball. The biggest benefit to working out with exercise ball is that the ball is extremely effective at targeting core muscles.

Get A Killer Body With These 7 Top Fitness Training Tips

Building a body is not always easy, but there are a few things you can do at home to keep building the six-pack abs you want. These 7 top fitness training tips which you’re going to discover not only help with building muscles, but they also help tone your body to keep the muscles from going flabby.

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