Swing Like A Pro – Full Kettlebell Workout

Slimming Muffin Top Exercises

Broadly speaking, a muffin top is fat that forms around the belly area and spills over the waistband. Such overhanging flesh does not look good especially when a person wears tight fitting clothes or garments that do not cover the waistline, for example, low-rise jeans and cropped tops. Are there good muffin top exercises to get rid of this back fat? You bet there is.

Workout Plans: 6 Steps To Success

Most people struggle with motivation, procrastination, and follow through. Take a peek at my easy to follow “6 Steps to Success” that will help you stay accountable towards any personal workout plans you develop.

Do Workouts Using the Super-Slow Method Work?

If you’re a person who likes to experiment with different type of exercises, perhaps one that you will consider is the technique of doing exercises in basically slow-motion speed. This super slow protocol was an exercise technique developed in the early 1980s. It is a very safe way of doing resistance training, but it is quite challenging, and some people feel it’s very tedious.

Indoor Cycling Class A-Z Guide for Freshers

Indoor cycling can be described as a cycling class that aims to deliver complete body workout that helps you burn fat and achieve intense cardio results. A 45 minute workout can help you burn as much as 700 calories depending upon your strength level and body weight.

Zumba Belly Dancing: Work Out Without Pressure

People nowadays are more health conscious than the previous generations. Aside from watching closely what they eat, regular weight lifting and crunches in the gym are on their list of daily activities. But more prefer Zumba Belly Dancing sessions. Find out why.

An Exercise Guide for People With High Blood Pressure

Just because you may be suffering from high blood pressure does not mean that you shouldn’t be exercising. Being active can be the best treatment if you suffer from high blood pressure. Of course, with this condition, you always want to ensure that you clear this with your doctor before starting on any exercise routine. Next to controlling your blood pressure with medications, you can take matters into your own hands and start an exercise program designed for you. Remaining inactive can only worsen your cardiovascular situation.

Sore No More: How to Decrease Post Exercise Pain

Nothing is as anti aging and youthful as a toned body. It exudes health and wellness. The right amount of exercise can leave you energized, invigorated and feeling fit and healthy. However, unless you build up slowly and are consistent, you may be prone to muscle pain, soreness and stiffness. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) develops 24-48 hours after strenuous exercise. It is characterized by pain, stiffness, loss of strength and limited range of motion with elevated levels of creatinine kinase in the blood which is an enzyme found in muscle that is released when it breaks down. The mechanism is microtrauma to muscles with release of creatinine kinase and then microtrauma to surrounding connective tissues. This is followed by inflammation and shifts of fluid and electrolytes. This can last for several days and limit function and activity causing a setback in getting and staying fit. Here are some ways to prevent and alleviate that pain.

How To Incorporate Fitness Into Your Family’s Routine

When some families think of getting fit, they imagine gym memberships and hours of time and complicated exercises. While gym memberships and joining fitness centers are certainly good options, they are not possible for everyone. And sometimes, those images of intense training and lots of time can intimidate families into not getting fit at all.

Proper Exercise Keeps the Cells Young

Exercise is the cheapest way to stay healthy. Exercise to ensure normal blood circulation, burn calories, avoid unwanted fat, reduce stress, and maintain a well-toned body and sound mind.

Common Workout Mistakes That Lead To No Results

No one wants to spend long hours in the gym only to get no results, or even worse, being injured while on a routine. Hence, for this reason, it is essential to work under all the rules and regulations that regard proper conduct in the gym. Though the goal of a workout routine is to protect you as you exercise, below are some of the common blunders, which take place in a gym.

Exercising Tips: Make The Most Of Your Workout

Being a frequent visitor of the gym is one of the most successful techniques to lose some weight. More so, it is essential to know how to use your time in the gym as much as possible to see results. Losing weight and sometimes, merely being fit can seem as a daunting challenge to many people and thus below are some of the expertise tips and tricks of making the most from your routine.

5 Places to Find Support To Help You Stick To Your Exercise Goals

Some of the most proven ways to support your exercising and fitness efforts are social ones. Countless studies have shown that when you get a friend or family member to team up with you in your fitness goals, both you and your partner are much more successful in achieving your intended results. The following 5 places to find support that helps you stick to your exercise goals are time tested and guaranteed to help you become the healthiest person you can be, without sabotaging your workout plans. 1 – Hit the World Wide Web…

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