Teaching the kettlebell swing. A drill for the deep hip hinge insert 🔥

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This Cavemantraining PVC Pipe Drill for the #Kettlebell #Swing Insert is one I use to help the athlete experience what the hip hinge insert feels like at the end of the swing.The insert is what happens during the kettlebell swing when the bell drops, the athlete remains in full extension, waits for the bell to hit the right height before hip hinging, and then hinges while performing the kettlebell insert and pushing it through the legs, to the back.Teaching the Kettlebell Swing

To be Caveman one has to live by the Cavemantraining Protocols. Following are the protocols that govern our training for life. Cavemantraining.

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Exercises and Workouts – How To Turn A Regular Workout Into A Fat Burning One!

So you might have begun your journey into the world of fitness and have now been doing your workout program for a number of weeks. Feeling proud, you’re ready to step things up and finally tackle your goal of losing weight. But, how should your workout change? It would only seem to make sense a workout designed to help improve your fitness level would be slightly different to a workout designed to help you burn fat maximally. This thinking is correct. While there are not dramatic changes, there are some important adjustments you must know. Keep in mind the biggest change when moving from a maintenance plan to one where you are losing weight will come with your diet, so you must be sure you are getting this in place accordingly. That said, here are the key workout program changes you will want to make

Walking Is a Great Exercise for Your Health

Walking is an excellent form of exercise that virtually everyone can do to improve their health and fitness. Enjoy the great outdoors and meet other walkers with the same interests.

Why You Should Skip The Pavement And Hit The Trail

Ever wonder why a short walk in the park can feel infinitely more rewarding than a few hours on the treadmill or tracks? I do not doubt the ability of the latter to work those muscles up into a frenzy, but fitness I feel is about a lot more than just our muscles and body; it encompasses our mind, emotions, senses too as well as their well-being.

Exercises and Workouts – Four Lessons All Beginners Will Learn About Fitness

Getting geared up to start on your very first workout plan? If so, this is a very exciting time. Getting involved in fitness is one of the best decisions you will make. You may not realize it now, but stick with your program for the next 5 to 8 months and you will reap so many benefits. You will agree it’s been the best choice you’ve made. Along the way you are bound to learn a lesson or two. In order to help prepare you, take a look at the following four lessons all beginners will learn before they advance to the intermediate stage…

Spring Into a New, Exciting Activity

Spring can be a wonderful time to try a new, physical activity that promotes peaceful, easy weight loss. Have you ever heard of indoor surfing? Ever explored something tried and true, like fencing?

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat At Home?

Sometimes it can be tough to make it to the gym every day. Well, hope is not lost! You can still burn some serious calories at home without equipment! Learn about these at home exercises that burn the most belly fat.

Best Ways to Exercise at Home

Learn how to burn belly fat and build muscle using common, household items. This article will teach you about the best ways to exercise at home.

The Best Upper Ab Exercises For A Perfect Mid-Section

Abdomen fat can be quite a plague! Getting rid of abdomen fat to bring out those perfect abs that have been tucked away beneath the layers, calls for effort and determination.

Treadmill Exercises For Endurance

Treadmill exercises help improve your endurance levels and burn excess calories. Apart from helping you to lose weight, treadmill exercises protect you from health problems such as diabetes and cardiac problems.

How to Stay Fit When You’re Injured

First thing, if you get injured, don’t go it alone. Go see your doctor and get the injury evaluated. It might be more serious than you think. By not knowing exactly what was injured and how bad, you risk injuring it all over again if you start training that injured area too soon. With some injuries, your doctor will prescribe physical therapy in order to get the injury to heal properly. Don’t play mister tough-guy and blow this off. Go get the therapy. It really does help you heal faster. While at the doctor or at physical therapy, ask what exercises they recommend so you can still do to keep training, but not further damage the injured area. Depending on the location of your injury, here are some they could recommend.

Why You Should Diversify Your Fitness Activities

Do you do the same training program day after day? After a while your muscles get used to and expect the same workout. Over a period of 6 to 8 weeks, they adjust and get more efficient at performing those same exercises.

Exercises and Workouts – A Closer Look Into The Chest Press Exercise Anatomy

As you go about your workout sessions to improve your physique and fitness level, it’s important you really take some time to learn more about each exercise you’re doing so you can maximize your performance with it as you go about your gym workouts. By including a wide variety of movements in your gym repertoire, you can ensure you are going to be pushing the barrier on your progress and keeping yourself interested. A constantly changing workout routine is a successful workout routine, so keep making adjustments as you go. Let’s have a quick look at what you should know about the chest press exercise…

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