The Dark Knight Rises – Main Theme

The main theme of The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan. Soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. Christian Bale stars as The Batman, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman/Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy stars as Bane, Batman’s nemesis. Watch in 1080p HD for best experience.

Benefits of Using Your Local Park for Exercise

The activities of running bleachers, swimming, or using playground equipment have a variety of health benefits and are commonly incorporated into many workouts. The benefits help develop the body more efficiently than simply running on a flat surface. Visiting your local park for exercise does not need to be done every day but the benefits will be numerous if incorporated into your workout once or twice a week.

Vertical Jump 101 – How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump 101. Our comprehensive guide to increasing your vertical jump using simple mathematical equations and scientific principals.

Sitting Too Much Is The New Smoking According to New Studies

Sitting too much has the same mortality risks as smoking. Two strategies to counteract if you have to sit all day.

Exercises and Workouts – 3 Reasons Strength Training Is Superior For Fat Burning Than Cardio

Still think the route to a slimmer body is hours on the cardio equipment? If so, you should be thinking again. It’s been well-proven now if you want a better looking body, strength training is going to be the route to go. But yet, numerous people each day at your local gym slug it out on the bike, treadmill, or elliptical trainer because they firmly believe cardio training is the superior choice. It’s time to rethink this concept because the fact of the matter is it’s simply not the superior choice and the longer you keep doing it, the more at risk for fat gain you’ll be.

Exercises and Workouts – The Summer Beach Body Mistakes You’re Making

Looking to get a summer beach body? Whether you plan to wear that bikini this summer or you simply want to feel more confident about the way you look as the layers come off, you need to make sure you are approaching your program properly. Some people make a few grave mistakes as beach season approaches, so by learning what these mistakes are and ensuring you avoid them, you can get on track to optimal progress.

10 Ways to Get the Best Fitness Workout Routine

When it comes to a holistically hale and hearty life, fitness is definitely one of the watchwords! If you do not feel fit and healthy, you simply can’t feel happy from within! I’m sure none would disagree.

Functional Exercise for Fat Loss

Are you working out to achieve fat loss? Unfortunately, your workout may not be giving you the calorie and fat burn that you really want. Many people make the mistake of logging hours of cardio when they want to lose weight, and this rarely offers them the results they really want. For the best fat burning results, you need to rethink the way you’re exercising.

Basic Warm-Up Exercise Routine

Some effective warm up exercises that can work very well for our fitness and health: Start by standing straight, with your feet at hip width and your shoulders relaxed. Stretch the arms out and rotate the wrists ten times.

Your Exercise Plan: No Time? No Problem, Change Your Plan

If you don’t have time for your planned workout, simply change your plan. There is more to consider than just one workout: the strength of your habit. An opened mind will allow you to see other possibilities and a home workout eliminates nearly every obstacle.

7 Simple Exercises You Can Do While At Work

If you’re lacking the time it takes to have a regular fitness regimen because of work, kids, or life in general then simple exercises you can do while at work could be just what you need. These 7 simple exercises and tips you can do while at work are fast and easy. You can still have a great work out without the need for a gym.

Why You Should Understand Flexibility And Get Flexible

So much has been said about flexibility and how to get flexible. The importance of flexibility cannot be over stated, flexibility is needed to perform every day activity with relative ease. So, what really is flexibility?

Exercises and Workouts – Taking A Closer Look At The Push-Up Exercise

One of the top exercises you should be considering adding to your at home workout protocol, is the push-up. Perfect for the at-home environment since it requires no equipment at all, this is one move that will challenge so many muscle groups in your upper body, it’ll whip you into shape quickly. Let’s go over a few key facts to know about doing push-ups properly so you can execute this move with ease…

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