The Hip Hinge Position in the Get-Up

Master SFG Zar Horton discusses the critical role of the hip hinge in the get-up at an SFG Level I Kettlebell Instructor Certification. – to learn more – to discuss this video

Building Energy in the Body

Our bodies use sugar in the form of glucose to form energy through the process called respiration to release energy and carbon dioxide. This process requires raw-materials such as glucose and oxygen to take place. The products produced after the process of respiration are; carbon dioxide, water and energy in form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

How To Hack Your Workout With Supplements

In the world of natural foods, there are literally hundreds of supplements that are touted as “essential.” If you purchase all of these essentials, you would be spending thousands of dollars on pills alone. Choosing what supplements to take is confusing. Here are the three necessary natural supplements that can help you increase endurance, stamina, and strength.

Fitness Exercise Promotes Healthy Skin

Obviously, virtually everyone knows that fitness exercise delivers awesome benefits to the heart, lungs, and boosts mental capacity. And, it does not matter how you get your exercise, whether you participate in a boot camp, workout on your own, or leverage the services of a qualified personal trainer.

Benefits of Fitness and Exercise for the Brain

In addition to aiding weight loss and toning your muscles, exercise can aid proper functioning of your brain too. Whether you work out on your own or work out under the supervision of a personal trainer gym, you will enjoy the great benefits that exercise offers to your entire body, and specifically your brain.

The Ultimate Workout

In today’s high tech world most people think the ultimate workout entails going to some fancy health club climbing on the latest treadmill equipped with all the latest toys with overhead televisions tuned to CNN. The latest craze in this technology savoy world of exercise so sophisticated now it is almost impossible to remember especially baby boomers the exercise equipment and facilities we grew up with. Back then the YMCA and Jack LaLane were the two athletic facilities available for most of the population.

Methods One Can Use To Make Walking More Challenging

This is a discussion on how one can make walking more challenging. The purpose of this article is to illustrate that walking can be made harder even when one thinks they are in great shape or that they have mastered walking.

Exercises and Workouts – Are You Making These Abdominal Crunch Mistakes?

If one of your goals is to have flat abs, there’s no question you have at least one or two variations of the crunch in your workout program. While direct abdominal exercises are not always the best way to go about getting six-pack abs, they can help strengthen your core and bring out a little more definition. Do these along with compound exercises, which are the most ideal exercises to carry out for building up your core muscles, and you’ll be all set. This said, some people go about doing their crunches incorrectly and as a result, don’t see nearly the great results they could be. Let’s walk you through what these crunch mistakes are so you can ensure you aren’t committing the same errors…

7 Must-Dos Prior to Commencing an Exercise

One of the main facets of our life is fitness. This is even more prominent these days where it’s all about the physical and mental outlook. Martial arts, for instance, is one of the most ancient physical regimes known to us. But yes, this fitness form is not the same as it was 100 years ago. Over the years, it has undergone radical changes, and it has reformed into one of the most popular and highly effective medium of fitness.

6 Great Exercises To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

These 6 exercises will not only help you to strengthen your core muscles but they will also help you tone your abdominal muscles, back, butt, and thighs. Even better, these exercises can all be done from home so there is no gym membership required.

Exercises and Workouts – Push-Up Pointers To Help Give Faster Results

As you start doing a regular exercise program, it’s vital for you to include a number of compound exercises to hit multiple muscle groups at the same time. One such exercise is the push-up. Push-ups are great because they will help work your chest and shoulders, as well as your triceps and biceps all at the same time. Although the push-up is a basic upper body workout, not everyone knows how to do it properly, however, so let’s take some time to walk you through the movement and the key points you need to be aware of and keep in mind.

Exercises and Workouts – Do You Skip Leg Workout Day at the Gym?

When you hit the gym for your workout session, is there one particular day you dread more than others? For many people, leg workout day would be it! Let’s face the facts – leg workout day is intense. Squats, deadlifts, lunges, leg press – these are all exercises tending to really take it out of you. Not quite like your upper body workouts where you’re doing shoulder presses, bicep curls, and push-ups! As such, many people put off “leg” day – or omit it entirely. It’s vital you do not do this however. Let’s look at four reasons “leg” day is a must…

Fitness Centres: Get Knowledge About How To Get Good Health

There are various diseases that have ruined the life of millions of people. The drastic change in the lifestyle has given birth to various diseases.

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