Tom Ellis Explains His Lucifer Workout | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

Tom Ellis breaks down the workout he used to build lean muscle and prepare for season four of Lucifer.

Tom Ellis Explains His Lucifer Workout | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

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The Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 Player Lets You To Listen To Music While You Workout Under Water

If your favorite place to work out is in the water, the Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 Player can allow you to listen to your favorite music while you do so. People have been running and walking to their favorite tunes for years, but until now there hasn’t been a great way to enjoy music underwater.

What’s Hot About The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband?

Consistently one of the highest rated and bestselling fitness wearables that has ever been designed, the Fitbit Flex wrist wrap is a versatile device. You have your option of colors, with the sleek looking and hardly noticeable wristband silently and efficiently tracking your important fitness metrics while you work, play, rest and sleep. The durable band also delivers wireless compatibility with the most popular smartphones and tablets, and is affordable for most budgets. Let’s take a closer look and see exactly what this wearable fitness tracker delivers.

Will HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Fit Into Your Fitness Regime?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a dynamic form of fitness training that has received a huge amount of praise. Supporters of HIIT claim that you can enjoy multiple health benefits by practicing HIIT for as little as 5 minutes each day. This article will provide you with a full overview of the many benefits of HIIT.

The Disadvantages Of HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a beneficial style of fitness training that involves switching between high intensity and medium to low intensity exercise intervals for a period of 5-30 minutes. Studies have shown that it can substantially increase your cardio fitness, lower your body fat levels and much more. However, despite its many benefits, HIIT does have its critics. This article will focus on these criticisms and list some of the main disadvantages of HIIT.

Exercises and Workouts – What You Need To Know About The Bent Over Row

Today we’re going to talk about one strength training move everyone should be getting into their workout plan in order to see optimal results. That move? The bent over row. This single exercise is one of the best ways to build a strong back, torch calories quickly thus promoting greater fat loss, and enable you to look great from the behind. So many people neglect back training because they personally can’t see it on a day-to-day basis, but maintaining a strong back is imperative to optimal health and fitness. When back injuries strike due to weak back muscles, you’ll be sorry you didn’t take steps to improve your back strength sooner. Here’s what you need to know about the bent over row…

Too Lazy To Go To A Public Gym? Here 4 Ideas On How To Exercise At Home

If you are interested in getting into better shape but do not really want to join a public gym, there are many ways around this. Many people are quick to think that being in good shape means you will have to spend hours and hours in the gym, this is not the case.

Exercises and Workouts – Four Great Moves To Help Strengthen Your Calves

One muscle group very often overlooked as you go about planning and executing your strength training workout routine, is the muscle group known as the calf muscles. This is unfortunate because having strong calves will help to make every single exercise you do easier since these muscles are supporting you throughout entire movements – assuming you are standing of course. Therefore, it pays to do exercises that will keep your calf muscles strong. Let’s look at a few great options to strengthen those muscles, options you can do throughout your workout program or day…

2015 Top Fitness Trends

Here are the latest trends that will likely shape how people approach exercise in 2015. Learn what they are in this simple list.

5 Top Ways To Exercise At Home With No Equipment

Your body burns more calories maintaining muscle than it does maintaining fat so if you’re going to exercise at home you need to include some sort of muscle building exercises. You can do each of the following 5 exercises in isolation if you want to target specific body parts or alternatively you can do all 5 exercises in a sequence to get a quick and effective full body workout.

Get on a Bicycle Now! The Health Benefits of Cycling

Still on the bench about whether you should get yourself a bicycle? Read this post and I will give you one major reason to do so right away; see the health benefits of cycling.

Exercises and Workouts – Four Resistance Band Moves To Do At Home

If you’re looking to get started with strength training, but are feeling a little intimidated at the thought of hoisting up some dumbbells, resistance bands can be a great place to start. The great thing about resistance bands is they do come in a variety of tension levels, so you can choose whatever tension is going to best match your individual needs. Furthermore, since they tuck away into any drawer or cupboard, they’re the perfect fitness equipment to have at home. Here are four great moves to get you started…

How to Perform Some of the Most Popular Exercises Properly

This article gives step-by-step instructions on how to perform some popular exercises correctly. These exercises include, but are not limited to: squat, bench press, and dead lift. The purpose of the article is to give the reader a better opportunity to do perform the exercises correctly so they can lift more weight and prevent injury.

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