Turkish Get Up Ladder + How To Increase TGU Weight

Turn on All of the Lights! Corrective Exercise Techniques

I recently became a “Corrective Exercise Specialist” and the course I went through was by far the most difficult I’ve experienced this far. I wanted to explain the Corrective Exercise techniques briefly and how they pertain to various goals. I will go ahead and say majority of my personal training clients will strive to burn fat, build muscle, or increase performance.

Online Training Vs It’s Off to the Gym

The demands of today’s lifestyle require that people be healthy mentally and physically to be able to meet them. Hectic schedules often prevent us from doing our regular workouts but with the advent of online personal training, not only are they able to get their daily dose of physical activity, it also seamlessly integrates into their regular routine. Now, there’s absolutely no excuse not to get some exercise.

Carbohydrate Loading for Extra Energy

If you need extra energy before an athletic event, try loading up on carbohydrates. Carbs are the energy that your body uses so that you can run longer, swim farther and maintain strength during sporting events.

Learn How To Do The Kettlebell Swing

No, the Kettlebell Swing doesn’t have anything to do with Big Band Music and poodle skirts. Although, having some fun, Big Band music playing while you’re working out does make the time pass faster. And if you learn to do it right, you’ll look really good in that poodle skirt. So come on everybody. Put on some music and let’s learn how to do the Kettlebell Swing!

Top 3 Interval Training Workouts That You Can Do Anywhere!

Interval Training or High Intensity Interval Training refers to the training methodology involving numerous set of repetitions of both high and low intensity exercises. This article gives some useful tips on how to complete Interval Training workouts in any location.

5 Tips for Tai Chi Players to Maximize Their Health – Advice From Chen, Yang-Ling

Chen, Yan-Ling, also known as Yearning K. Chen, was the tutor of Yang, Cheng-Fu’s children. Yang, Cheng-Fu was a famous grandmaster of tai chi, and held a close relationship with Chen, Yan-Ling. Chen, Yan-Ling also taught tai chi and wrote a book about the subject in the 1930’s. Master Jou, Tsung-Hwa, author of “The Dao of Taijiquan,” had the pleasure of visiting Master Chen in 1980. Jou took extensive notes from the interview. What follows is a synopsis of 5 tips that Chen shared with Jou, as advice from the famous Yang Family on how people can get the most out of their practice to increase their state of health.

The Best Beginner Workout Routine

The best beginner workout routine is one that you could start very easily, but may still push you and allow you to feel afterwards that you had a great workout. You can start out doing any basic routine, however if it is not pushing you will not see any results from your effort. You will wish to be doing a number exercises which are pushing you to added heights.

The Fastest Way To Get A Six Pack

In this article, Steve covers the cardio aspect of weight loss and cutting belly fat. In this review, the more intense exercises are considered for optimal calorie burn.

Join a Triathlon Community to Take Your Training to the Next Level

Triathlon is an individual sport that requires a huge time commitment and personal sacrifice to finish a race. As separate triathletes, it is sometimes difficult to remain motivated to continue to train at a high level without some input from fellow athletes. Joining a triathlon community or team is a great way to improve your training and see better race results this season.

What Does Nitrogen Balance Have to Do With Fitness?

How do you fill a pail with water that has a hole in the bottom? A) Ignore the hole and continue to fill the pail with the water hose. B) Patch the hole and then fill the pail with the water hose. The answer is “B”…but, what does this have to do with fitness?

Discover Links Between Exercise and Aging

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover how fast the body changes. That’s true whether you’re considering the inside or the outside. Exercise can do wonders for one’s physical health, in fact, exercise acts in many ways like a fountain of youth.

The Couch to 5k Training – The Must Do List, If You Want to Be Successful

This past year, Ann had made plans to start her couch to 5k training more than a few times, once she actually started but it didn’t last long. It was Week 1 Day 3, she was making progress and feeling so proud of herself, and then as it always does, work got really busy. Starting early and getting home late, day after day, night after night. She didn’t make it to Week 2.

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