Two-Arm Kettlebell Long Cycle Online Class Training Program

3 Reasons to Study Level 2 Fitness Instructor Courses

Level 2 fitness instructor courses can be a great way to become qualified for a totally new profession, whether you have any experience in the industry or not. It might not be something you’ll consider as a school leaver, so if you’re looking for a change of career then it can be just the thing for you.

Get Your Training Tips From a Personal Trainer in Orange County

When you live in a beautiful region such as Orange County, California, you need to be in a good shape the next time you go to Newport Beach, one of the most popular places of this region. Orange County has a warm Mediterranean climate and beautiful sandy beaches, so every person who lives here or who decides to move here needs to be in a very good shape. And who better to ask for advice on personal training in Orange County, than a trainer from this region? He will be able to not only offer you advice on how to do your exercises properly in order to obtain the best results, but he can also tell how to take advantage of everything this region has to offer and make a personalized training program after your own needs.

How to Get Into Shape in Huntington Beach

Nowadays, people tend to lead a sedentary life and this lifestyle puts both their health and beauty in danger. If you wish to have a healthy and appealing body, you need to keep fit. Exercising regularly will increase your energy and make you feel and look great at the same time. It is difficult to find motivation to work out, especially in the beginning, when you will feel tired and have sore muscles all the time, but the results are definitely worth it! Fortunately, if you wish to lose weight and exercise in Huntington Beach, there are many options and alternatives you can choose from.

Riding a Bike for Health and Fitness

New to riding a bike? Here you will learn the difference between a variety of bikes and which one you should be using.

Fitness for Health

The name is quirky, unique and catchy: just like the burpee exercise itself. Is this a new exercise movement? Not exactly, the burpee has been around for several decades. It was created and popularized in 1939 by Royal H. Burpee with the intent of being administered as a simple and quick fitness test. Over the years, the burpee has evolved into an effective cardiovascular exercise involving most of the major muscle groups.

9 Benefits of Dance Fitness

There must be a reason why it’s said that music can soothe a savage beast; therefore it is necessary to indulge in music and dance your way to health. There are different forms of dances that one can enjoy according to their personality; for that reason find out what works for you and enjoy it every day.

Kettlebell Workout Routines for Beginners

Many aspiring fitness enthusiasts jump into kettlebell workouts too quickly. Here are some great kettlebell workout routines that are suitable for raw beginners.

Weightlifting and Your Joints

A look at how weightlifting and your diet can affect your joints. Tips and advice is also provided on what to supplement with to aid joint care.

How to Increase Workout Intensity

A guide to improving the intensity of your workouts with the use of training methods. Discussed in this article is LSD, interval and fartlek training.

My Top 6 Cardio Workout Mistakes

As a personal trainer and from my work as a fitness instructor I am well aware of what goes on in a gym. Day in day out I witness people with great intentions in the gym doing the same old routine and set in their old ways not getting the results their effort deserves.

Get Healthy Through the 5 Components Of Physical Fitness

Being physically fit does not just mean that you can run for a long time or lift heavy weights; there are 5 main components that make up physical fitness. If you are not physically fit, not only will you struggle to exercise but you will struggle to carry out the simplest of tasks.

8 Tips To Get You Exercising Today

Exercise can cause a flurry of different emotions. It can bring feelings of happiness, pain, achievement, frustration all in one session. From my work as a gym instructor I know many people who are a member of a gym but haven’t seen the inside walls for a few months!

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