Two-Hand Kettlebell Swing – technique | demo

Exercise: You Don’t Need Equipment or a Gym

Along with healthy eating, exercise is essential to good health. But, many of us just don’t have the time – or so we think! Everyone has time to exercise. You just have to be creative. Here are 5 tips for getting more exercise each day.

5 Most Important Work Outs to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

There are no set rules when it comes to the type of exercise routines that should be included as part of a workout program. However, the routines that you do choose, should give you maximum value in achieving the desired result. Men’s workouts normally consist of five areas, and within these areas, there are different exercises, which can combine to build different routines.

Eating To Lose – Is Technology Hindering Your Workout?

We are in the middle of the technology age, and it is only becoming more and more advanced as each day passes. Β It is truly amazing how much we can do from just a cell phone.

4 Most Common Mistakes That Affect A Successful Workout

Getting fit is not easy. It takes motivation, dedication, and desire, and when it comes to men’s fitness, you need these traits in abundance. When, just beginning it can seem like the road ahead is endless.

10 Top Body Fitness Tips – Reach For Success Quickly!

Becoming fit is a top priority on most peoples’ wish list. The problem is that many do not follow through with their fitness plans and thus fail within the first 3 months of starting a new fitness plan or routine. However when they manage to turn into a regular routine and they stick with it, eventually exercising turns into a habit.

Get The Right Types Of Carbs To Improve Your Exercise Routines

A nutritional diet is the only platform from which you can launch a successful and efficient workout program. Without the correct diet, you are just running into the wind, slowly going nowhere, and all the training in the world will have little impact.

How Do You Get Six Pack Abs? Learn How To Get A Ripped Stomach

If you want to learn how to get a six pack then you need to find the best diet and the best workout for abs in order to achieve your goals. The problem is very few people actually understand how to properly get six pack abs because their is so much information out there that contradicts each other. It is very hard to find two trainers that agree on the best way to train abs. In this article I will share with you some tips that have been proven to work for not only me but also for just about all of my clients.

Sport And Exercise Science Field Of Study Explained

This is a overview guide to Sport and Exercise Science covering the fields of study, certifications, and working environments. This article breaks down the fields of Sport and Exercise Science into easy to understand pieces.

Exercises and Treatments to Manage the Side-Effects of Hormone Therapy for Men With Prostate Cancer

A recent study on the effects of interrupted hormone therapy for men with metastatic prostate cancer showed that the treatment can shorten patients’ lives. For patients undergoing continuous ADT to mitigate the spread of the disease, their treatments can be supplemented with certain exercises and even acupuncture to alleviate the negative side-effects of low testosterone.

Walk Off All The Flab

Well, I have tried it all. I have seen so many diets come and go I just about want to take a match to the diet isle of my favourite bookstore. In this I am a culprit myself, one of my first magazine articles was about a time when I had a bad flu and lost weight and kept it off.

Should You Get a “Balanced” Fitness Plan?

Everyone seems to tell you that you should get a “balanced” plan. But what if that’s exactly what’s holding you back?

Follow Fitness Workouts Rather Than Exercises

Many of us are confused about what a workout is and what comprises an exercise. Most people think that both are the same. If we are to analyze both of them a little more acutely, what we see is that they are widely varied from each other.

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