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Bench Press Equipment: What Are Your Options?

Almost all bodybuilders and weight lifters have the bench press as a part of their routine. The bench press is what’s often used to measure one’s upper body strength. Not only will it increase the strength of your chest, triceps, and shoulders, but will also build your reputation.

Injury Prevention for Six Pack Training

Six pack training is great, injury prevention however is mandatory! This article covers the major muscle groups prone to injury from six pack training and exercises.

Waist Exercises: The Pike Pushup

Want to lose weight and carve a gorgeous midsection? Integrate the pike pushup into your waist exercise program.

Five Essential Exercises To Get A Great Shape

There are many different workout plans. Some require hours at the gym and some claim to get results with only a few minutes a day. How do you sort through the information to find an exercise routine that gives you the results you want? The answer is short, but intense workouts. By focusing on the following five exercises you can get your whole body in great shape.

Why More And More People Are Enrolling In Gyms

Numerous gyms and health clubs offer a vast range of classes including dance, Zumba and step. Not only are these kind of classes a great way in which to lose weight they are also a great way to meet new people. Other people of your age may well be in the class too providing you a great way in which to meet new people and socialise.

Where To Go And Learn The Best Ab Workouts For Men

Finding out what the best ab workouts for men are can be time consuming with all the wrong information out in the web. I have written a couple of good tips to help you find the best way to get abs possible to make sure you’re one of the few guys with a ripped, solid six pack!

When Is the Best Time of Day to Run?

There is much debate about picking the best time of day to exercise. A lot depends on factors such as timing convenience, but also the way the body naturally reacts to a particular time of day can be a deciding factor. The following hopes to address this issue with available options and guidelines.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Run

Providing you are free from an injury or medical condition that would prevent you from running, then running is probably one of the best exercise disciplines. After all, most sports professionals advocate running as a primary cardiovascular part of their fitness routine.

Core Exercises

The core muscles are those that are found in the back, hips, pelvic region and abdominal area. They are the muscles that keep your body steady when doing activities or moving. Doing core exercises is one of the best ways for keeping your body fit, having a good balance and getting a good posture.

A Guide To The Bench Press

One of the most popular exercises in the gym, particularly among men, is the bench press. When talking about an individual’s strength, the question is always “how much can you bench?” It’s a good measure of upper body strength, as it uses the chest, triceps, shoulders, and biceps. The bench press is a pretty simple exercise to perform, as virtually anyone can do it.

Resistance Band Training

Whether you’re on the road, are too busy to get to the gym, or just looking for a good resistance exercise program that won’t break the bank; resistance bands may be the answer. Although there are a number of variations available for this type of exercising (bands, tubes, loops, straps, etc.), the principals remain the same.

Vertical Jump Training Exercises to Increase Your Vertical Leap

Vertical jump training which includes jump rope training exercises is necessary if you wish to improve your vertical jump ability. There are specific sports and activities that require you to be a high jumper and if you think you need to enhance your leap, below are the things that you should consider keeping in mind.

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