Walkout Plank – Universal Warm Up Exercises

Gym Jargon

Everyone loves a bit of jargon to make them feel special, and gym goers are no exception. That can be off-putting if you don’t know what they’re talking about, so here’s the no-nonsense guide every new gym goer needs.

Stopping Stomach Pain With Exercise and How You Eat

Although not all causes of stomach pain after eating can be avoided, some causes of stomach pain can be avoided. For example, there are ways that you can avoid bloating after eating and indigestion; both of which can be quite uncomfortable after a meal. The fact is that coping with stomach pain after eating that may have been avoided is much harder to do than taking steps to prevent it.

10 Reasons Why Exercise Improves Your Sex Life

Sex isn’t so much about love and passion as it is about stamina and endurance; it is a highly physical activity. The truth is that exercise may be the best way to improve your sex life.

Establishing Fitness Routines

Once you have determined that you want to become fit, you will want to establish a fitness routine. Although most people think of classes and specific activities (such as jogging or tennis) as the way to fitness, there are many ways you can work activity into your life.

3 Thigh Toning Exercises – The Last You’ll Ever Need!

You’ve seen more thigh toning exercises than you care to admit, and your legs are still heavier than you care to admit. There are no surprises there, most of the information disseminated online is given by people who haven’t put their money where their mouth is; they’ve never done the exercises they recommend or have no direct experience with them. The thigh toning exercises recommended here are the result of years of experience either training others or practicing them myself. They’ve worked on my own thighs (which are genetically big) and the thighs of my clients, past and present.

Got Abs? Abdominal Exercises To Help You Get Them

A muscular body is a sign of health, dedication and strength. Some people drool over bulging biceps, chiseled chests and lean legs and it leaves others indifferent. But it’s amazing abs that captures everyone’s attention. Read on for some great exercises that can be done without any equipment and that will help you show off your amazing abs.

Best Tips And Exercise For Curing Fatigue At Home

We often hear people complaining about tiredness or fatigue in their daily life. Fatigue is a condition of physical and mental weakness, but varies from person to person depending on the nature of their work. This condition has become common due to a hectic life, work environments and in a few cases it becomes intense preventing people from performing their day-to-day tasks. Fatigue has many proposed solutions, treatments and simple life style adjustments but needs the person to have the time and courage to follow.

How to Make Time for Exercising

Does it seem like you just don’t have time for exercise? If so here is how you can make time in your life and prioritize fitness.

Insanity Workout – What Makes This Program So Great?

Are you in search of the perfect workout program to jumpstart your exercise lifestyle? Or maybe you’re tired of following the old routines over and over again only to discover that it wasn’t what you needed? Well, here is something that is very effective and a program that will definitely produce results within 60 days – Insanity!

The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know Running Could Do For You

There are many fabulous health benefits of running, some of them are obvious, some of them are not so obvious so if you’re on the fence with regard to starting a 5K training plan, peruse this list and let’s see if we can’t nudge you over into the light. 1. Much Love.

Exercising in Assisted Living

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy as you age. What you don’t know is that living in an assisted living facility can increase your exercise time. Here’s a basic outline of what you should be aiming for.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise, and Which Should You Be Doing

We will give the quick and easy definition of the two, but more important than what they are how to use each for optimum training and fitness. Many personal trainers will maintain that one or the other is their preferred method, but when it comes down to it most will agree that a combination of both, depending on the individual and what he is trying to accomplish, is the best way to go.

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