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Compound and Isolation Exercises

Your body is a unit, and the muscles that make up your body is a team. One of my favorite logical examples to explain to people the importance and valid placement of compound and isolation movements is the snow dog logic. One snow dog may be able to pull 50lbs uphill for 100 yards, but if you put nine snow dogs together they will pull nine times the weight and for longer distances.

Spring Into Shape

Winter is almost over and with summer just around the corner so it is a great time to spring into shape. There is just one thing that can get in the way no matter what the season; the weather. If it’s too hot, too cold, too rainy, too smoggy, or even too humid it is really easy to want to hold off the workout until a better day.

Why You Should Try A Kettlebell Cardio Workout

Millions of people around the world are looking for exercises that can enhance their strength and fitness. While running, cycling, swimming, and aerobics are effective, sometimes changing a routine is necessary to get a mental break and to avoid plateau. A kettlebell cardio workout may be what you need in order to accomplish your fitness goals.

Health Benefits of Doing Push-Ups

Did you know that just doing a few push-ups every morning will give you some lasting health benefits? How about the fact that it will keep you more energized? Many people today are lazy, and tired throughout the day and unsure why.

Revolutionise Your Physique With Thick Rope Training

One of the premier training routines is thick rope training. It is an absolute gem for building strength, muscle and conditioning and it provides a comprehensive workout for your body.

Tabata Exercise: An Interval Workout

Tabatas are a type of high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. The Tabata workout, or Tabata protocol, is not actually an exercise, it refers to the time intervals used. Because the Tabata protocol doesn’t take very long (8 minutes including warm up and cool down), far more people can incorporating them into their busy schedules.

Exercising at Work Guide

In this article we are going learn exactly how exercise works to improve our minds, bodies and sense of well-being. Consider that you don’t have to get to the gym if you want to lose weight, feel better, and improve muscle tone when you are constantly exercising at work.

Health and Fitness: The Basics of Exercise

Being healthy can be quite a challenge, especially with all the temptations that surround us such as fast food, escalators, and many other factors. Compared to our forefathers who had to hunt for our food, everything has become more convenient to us. That is why following a health and fitness routine in daily life is a big challenge.

Your Complete Guide to Pedometers

Pedometers are small electronic devices which can record your lap time, steps taken, heart rate, speed, distances travelled and many more. These devices use sensors and monitor the movement of your hips to evaluate the above data. Although invented back more than 200 years ago, its relevance in today’s world cannot be denied. With fitness and well-being the target of all, pedometers are becoming extremely popular.

Get Fit Like an Olympian!

With the Olympics happening in a few months and the spring finally here (for now anyway), how about a 7-day challenge to get you out of that old boring gym routine and outside into the lovely sunshine, fresh air and get some vitamin D. Here are 7 different workouts to do over 7days.

How To Be A Better Arm-Wrestler

Arm-wrestling is the ultimate show of bravado. It’s where male egos are stroked and sometimes painfully crushed. You’d imagine that the world arm-wrestling champion is a 320lb strongman with massive biceps and massive hands right? You’d be half right. A certain Alexey Voevoda, all 6 ft 4 and 250lbs of him is one of the world’s very best arm-wrestlers.

How To Start The P90X Workout

P90X workout is a collection of DVDs that involves core training, kickboxing, weight training, body weights and yoga. It was originally created by Tony Horton who came up with the concept of muscle confusion and doing different exercises to stop from having a plateau effect. The program also includes a diet guide to help with eating healthy. Anyone can start the weight loss plan by following the steps and buying the right equipment.

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