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Should We Stretch Before Exercise?

Stretching in general has been a controversial topic for many years in the fitness industry. Is there a good time and bad time for it? Do you stretch simply because someone has told you it was beneficial, or did you research the why? Let’s explore why we stretch, and when it’s best. Please remember, this is the truth according to what I’ve personally been taught the last 13 years, and of course “expert” opinions always change.

Benefits Of Abs Among Women

Apart from the fact that flat abs are an image booster, other benefits are so good that they cannot be ignored. Having perfect abs can provide many benefits to you.

Ab Workout for Men – Basic Best Workout Tips

Every man dreams of having rock solid abs. This is no secret that a well-toned body is judged primarily on the basis of the abs and if you don’t have great abs, then it is considered tantamount to ineffective working out.

How To Eliminate Belly Fat

The struggle for losing abdominal fat around the waist could be hard. This article describes the secrets of how to get rid of excess belly fat.

Frustrated By Your Love Handles? Blast Them Away With These Exercises

Bikini season is almost upon us. Are you ready? Not to worry, there is still time to get that body in tip top shape. Speaking of the body, the belly is usually one of the most common problem areas for countless people and for many of them “love handles” in particular are a source of constant frustration. If love handles are of concern to you, there are a few stomach exercises that will not only allow you to lose belly fat fast but will also allow you to blast away those love handles.

Make Your Bench Press Epic

Everyone’s got their own opinion on how the bench press should be performed. Unfortunately, most people are just flat out wrong. Check out what you might be doing wrong, and how to get the most out of this popular lift.

The Many Reasons To Take Up Running

Running is quite possibly the oldest form of exercise known to man. Whenever you ask anyone on the best way to get in shape, they’ll invariably mention running as their technique of choice. And why shouldn’t they? Anyone with a pair of legs can run. You don’t even need shoes. Right now, you could get outside and start running. It’s convenient, it’s easy and almost everyone can do it.

My 3 Best Motivation Tips To Get You Started Working Out (Again)

My three best ways to get (and stay) motivated for exercise. Once you’ve stopped exercising (or if you’ve never started) it’s hard to get going again. These three easy-to-use, but incredibly effective tips will get you on your way again.

Benefits of Regular Exercise and Physical Activities

If you want to be physically and mentally fit, look good, be healthy and keep your money away from the doctor, exercise is the key. Go ahead to see some health benefits of exercise and how to get the best out of exercise.

How To Get Flat Abs – The Truth

There are a lot of both guys and girls who want to know how to get flat abs. That lean rippled look is very popular with the younger crowd these days. Television shows like “Jersey Shore”, and its’ Mike “The Situation”, have made getting six pack abs an almost obsession in this country.

Different Stretching Exercises for the Back

Your back is one of the major parts of the body, and you cannot afford to keep it weak. To keep the body moving aggressively, it is very essential to have a healthy and strong back. Your back muscles play a very vital role in every step you take and every movement you do. There are a few basic exercises to strengthen your back along with the supporting muscles.

Do You Have Lower Back Issues? Why Not Try Kettlebells

Kettlebells are helpful and effective in developing a healthy posterior chain. Certain exercise routines can build strength in an otherwise weak back which will aid in good posture and assist in reducing backache.

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